Stephan Winkler

Stephan Winkler (*1961) grew up as the middle child of three siblings in Zofingen, Switzerland, where he completed his schooling with a Swiss baccalaureate focusing on modern languages.

After a foray into music studies at the conservatorium in Winterthur (flute) and the jazz school in Lucerne (flute/percussion), he enrolled at the University of Zurich (general history/Italian language studies), where he completed his licentiate degree with an economic history of the Apulian Itria Valley in the late medieval period. Together with master vintner Andrea Lasagni, he has been experimenting since 1988 with making wine from indigenous grape varieties of Apulia; he also organises tastings of their wine.

After five years of teaching general studies at a vocational school in Stäfa, Switzerland, Stephan Winkler worked for several years as an exhibition construction manager at a museum (Stapferhaus Lenzburg) before taking on the role of stage manager at Lucerne’s open-air theatre (Freilichtspiele Luzern) and an opera association (Oper Schloss Hallwyl). Throughout this period, he also worked part time as a technical staff member (photography assistance, art handling, inventory) at a renowned art gallery.

During a sabbatical period, he wrote a cookbook about the traditional cuisine of Apulia’s Itria Valley; he also organised and led cooking, hiking, cultural and wine tours to the area.
In April 2023, Stephan Winkler joined the production and stage staff of the J. S. Bach Foundation, where he enjoys the privilege of experiencing outstanding, live baroque music as part of his work.

In his leisure time, he enjoys tending his organic garden of heirloom vegetables and is devoted to cooking – in summer using his self-made outdoor pizza oven. He also dedicates many hours to maintaining and renovating his around 400-year-old farmhouse in Meilen.