With new elan in 2021

It is a great pleasure to announce our concert programme for 2021. Although it is yet to be seen what restrictions January may bring, we want to share our plans and enthusiasm with you for the coming year. The artists of the J. S. Bach Foundation can hardly wait to perform for you again.


Upcoming concerts and events

Browse through our programme of upcoming concerts and events. We look forward to seeing you there!

Your safety is important to us

For your health and safety at concert performances, we have adopted a Covid-19 protection plan that is based on the recommendations issued by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health and the cantonal authorities. The prevention plan is reviewed and updated regularly. Download current version


A platform for cantata lovers

Bachipedia is more than “just” a streaming platform. On Bachipedia, all the content that the Foundation has collected, written, researched and published about a cantata is made available – free of charge – together with the corresponding cantata recording.