Our concerts

Our aim is not to simply perform the cantatas one by one, but to provide a thorough experience of Bach and a deeper appreciation of his music. That is why we perform the works according to their place in the church calendar and round out the programme with complementary modules.


A unique concept

Introductory workshops
One and a half hours prior to the concert, conductor Rudolf Lutz and theologist Niklaus Peter (who succeeded pastor Karl Graf in May 2018) give a 45-minute workshop on the musical and theological background of the evening's cantata.

Concert evenings
Only one cantata is performed per concert – but, for that, it is played twice. To present the work in its context, each cantata is performed according to its place in the church calendar.

Reflective lectures
Between the two cantata performances, a notable speaker reflects on the cantata’s libretto from a modern and personal standpoint. These reflective lectures lend a new perspective to the second hearing of the work.

Concert format

17.30 – 18.15: introductory workshop

  • Introduction to the cantata by Rudolf Lutz and Niklaus Peter
  • Light refreshments for workshop attendees

19.00: concert with reflective lecture

  • First performance of the evening's cantata
  • Reflective lecture on the cantata text
  • Second performance of the cantata

Concert venues

The Choir & Orchestra of the J.S. Bach Foundation performs in notable churches in the towns of Trogen, Teufen and Speicher in the Swiss canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden. The ensemble also gives concerts in churches in the city of St. Gallen.

The venue for each concert is listed in the concert calendar. Below you can find information about each venue and the available parking.

Evang. Kirche Trogen (AR)

There are a limited number of parking spaces close to the church in Trogen. Additional parking is available near the fire station (parking lot "Parkplatz Spitzacker"). The "Appenzellerbahn" train to Trogen departs St. Gallen every 15 minutes.

Evang. Kirche Speicher (AR)

In Speicher, there are several parking lots just a ten-minute walk from the church. These can be found at the train station (Bahnhof), behind the train station (Hinterer Bahnhof), the post office (Post), and opposite the train station at the address "Hauptstrasse 22".

Evang. Kirche Teufen (AR)

Parking spaces near the church in Teufen are limited. Further parking is available infront of the armoury (Zeughaus) and at the parking lots "Parkplatz Hechtacker" and "Bahnhof Parking". The "Appenzellerbahn" train to Teufen departs St. Gallen every half hour, and every 15 minutes during peak periods.

Evang. Kirche St. Mangen (SG)

The concert venue is located in the old town of St. Gallen. Parking is available at various parking blocks in the area.

Kirche St. Laurenzen (SG)

The concert venue is located in the old town of St. Gallen. Parking is available at various parking blocks in the area.

How to get there

The concert venues can be reached by public transport or car.

Travelling by public transport

Whenever possible, please travel to the concerts by public transport:

Travelling by car

We suggest you choose your route using Google Maps:

“Après Bach” matinée

The "Après Bach" matinees take place several times each year on a Saturday morning or afternoon (or, when after a cantata concert, in the early evening).

The matinées are generally held in the conference room at the Krone Hotel in Speicher or in private homes in the Appenzell region.


Coffee and croissants from 09.15, concert begins at 10.15.


Registration Seating is limited. Please register at the Foundation Secretariat (sekretariat@bachstiftung.ch or +41 71 242 16 61). Tickets are CHF 60.00 (or redeem a patron voucher). Tickets are not sent by mail. They can be picked up at the venue on the morning of the concert.

Bach Matinee