2020 programme

Our entire concert season has now been cancelled.

Based on the analysis of important parameters such as the expected regulations and restrictions, the travel possibilities of our international artists, our audience’s willingnes to attend concerts, as well as operating conditions, we came to the bitter but clear decision to cancel our entire season.

However, we want to resume our activities with all our strength and with the best of our abilities as long as we can do so at a reasonable cost. For the time being we expect the situation to return to normality by the end of 2020. It could also be the case in the course of 2021.

We will not make up for the lost time in 2021, but only from 2022 onwards. Thus, the "Appenzeller Bachtage" festival will be postponed to August 2022, hopefully with the same programme and the same artists. We are considering various possibilities for the cantata concerts that have had to be cancelled. In any case, our goal is to have made up the backlog in our schedule by 2023.

What is a sabbatical year with regard to a project lasting 22 years in total? Dear friends of Bach, such a sabbatical is acceptable, particularly thinking about Bach’s music, which is great far beyond any time frame. Let us remain faithful and grateful for his eternal musical work!

Throughout the year 2020 we will stay in touch with you by means of monthly live streams.

Upcoming concerts and events

We won't make up for the lost time in 2021, but only in 2022. For the cantatas that have been cancelled, we will consider various possibilities. In any case, our goal is to catch up on our schedule by 2023.

Tickets & subscriptions

The subscriptions for the first half of 2020 have already been credited to the respective customer accounts. The seat allocation remains valid for future concerts unless we hear from you.