With Bach in KKL Luzern
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21. December 2024
Location: Lucerne // KKL
Concert Start:  19:00

“Triumph, rejoice!” – Bach’s oratorio of hope and renewal

“Jauchzet, frohlocket, auf, preiset die Tage!” (Triumph, rejoicing, rise, praising these days now!) – The uplifting effect of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio cannot be explained solely in terms of its masterly orchestration and clever use of parody technique. Opening with resounding timpani strokes, the spirited music of the introductory chorus bypasses every rational response and cuts straight to the heart, soul and even the feet of listeners, who will want to leap from their church pews – or desk chairs – such is the irresistible power of this vibrant composition.

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Ticket available online from August 2024 at http://www.kulturticket.ch/27/swiss-classics-lucerne-chamber-circle/event/964