Franziska Kasischke

Franziska Kasischke grew up in the Black Forest region of southern Germany, close to the Swiss border. She attended an upper secondary school with a focus on music, where she sang in the school choir and played the piano. During this time, she also developed a passion for alpine sports.

She completed her Bachelor’s degree in International Management with a focus on marketing in Konstanz, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and developed a special interest in social media marketing during her Master’s degree in Aachen, Germany.

After a semester abroad in Canada, her passion for the mountains called her back to the Alpine region, where she built up the marketing department of a winter sports start-up. She then took on a role as a junior manager for digital marketing at a large media company in Konstanz. In addition, she worked as a freelance content creator and blogger for various outdoor sports brands. To pass on her love of sport, she then completed a second Masters in Sports Science and Education in Konstanz, Germany, and worked for three years as a teacher at an upper secondary school in Feldkirch, Austria, where she was also responsible for the school’s social media presence. She also works as a freelance consultant for social media strategies.

Although sport remains an important part of her life, Franziska has always had a keen interest in music and the arts. Her role at the J. S. Bach Foundation presents an exciting opportunity for her to transfer her experience in digital marketing for sport and education to the cultural sector.