Burga Schweingruber

Burga Schweingruber grew up in Allschwil, in the Canton of Basel Landschaft together with her two siblings. After finishing her compulsory schooling in Allschwil and Basel, she completed a commercial apprenticeship and earned a professional qualification as a travel agent. The opportunity to fulfil a childhood dream soon pulled her away from this profession, and she went on tour with Switzerland’s national circus, “Circus Knie”, where she managed the circus’s box office. After twelve years, she decided to give up her nomadic lifestyle and settled in Rapperswil, at Lake Zurich, where she worked as a technical assistant at a company specialised in high-precision measurement technology. After ten years in this role, she worked for two years in the highly diverse world of advertising.

In April 2016, she joined the J.S. Bach Foundation, where she is in charge of artistic and concert administration. One of her top priorities is ensuring customer satisfaction among concertgoers, Foundation members and subscribers.

In her free time, Burga Schweingruber enjoys singing in choirs and ensembles as well as travelling the world.

Phone: +41 (0)71 242 16 61 
Email: sekretariat@bachstiftung.ch