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Based on the analysis of important parameters, we came to the bitter but clear decision to shelve the entire year 2020 for the regular productions of our foundation. Throughout the year 2020 we will stay in touch with you with monthly live streams.

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Our continuing administrative work, the streaming recordings and the preparations for the resumption of work in 2021 are a great financial burden for us, while our income is gone. This is why we are urgently asking our patrons and friends to continue supporting us. Find out more

No cantata performance is now possible.

but we'll stream anyway on May 15, 2020!


6:45 P.M.

Rudolf Lutz and Xoán Castiñeira will answer a selection of questions sent in in advance by the audience.

7:00 - 8:30 P.M.

Introduction and concert on the cantata with Rudolf Lutz (keyboard, organ) and Anselm Hartinger (comments and explanations live from Leipzig)


Concert location

Stein (AR) // Evangelische Kirche

Text of the cantata

1. Rezitativ ‒ Bass
«Sie werden euch in den Bann tun, es kömmt aber die Zeit, daß, wer euch tötet, wird meinen, er tue Gott einen Dienst daran.»

2. Arie ‒ Tenor
Ich fürchte nicht des Todes Schrecken,
ich scheue ganz kein Ungemach.
Denn Jesus’ Schutzarm wird mich decken,
ich folge gern und willig nach;
wollt ihr nicht meines Lebens schonen
und glaubt, Gott einen Dienst zu tun,
er soll euch selben noch belohnen,
wohlan, es mag dabei beruhn.

3. Rezitativ ‒ Alt
Ich bin bereit, mein Blut und armes Leben
vor dich, mein Heiland, hinzugeben,
mein ganzer Mensch soll dir gewidmet sein;
ich tröste mich, dein Geist wird bei mir stehen,
gesetzt, es sollte mir vielleicht zu viel geschehen.

4. Arie ‒ Sopran
Höchster Tröster, Heilger Geist,
der du mir die Wege weist,
darauf ich wandeln soll,
hilf meine Schwachheit mit vertreten,
denn von mir selber kann ich nicht beten,
ich weiß, du sorgest vor mein Wohl!

5. Choral
Du bist ein Geist, der lehret,
wie man recht beten soll;
dein Beten wird erhöret,
dein Singen klinget wohl.
Es steigt zum Himmel an,
es steigt und läßt nicht abe,
bis der geholfen habe,
der allein helfen kann.

Rudolf Lutz

Rudolf Lutz is not only regarded in the music world as an eloquent pedagogue, able to explain complex compositional contexts in a vivid way, but he is also one of the most sought-after improvisers worldwide. He will give his presentation in English to do justice to our large Internet community.

Kuhn organ

The church of Stein AR has a very valuable instrument built by Orgelbau Kuhn AG in 1985. We love to hold organ recitals there, and many visitors of the "Appenzeller Bachtage" know the beautiful church because of "Singen in der Früh", the popular sing-along programme in our festival in August.

Rudolf Lutz

BWV 183

The "real" concert with the cantata "Sie werden euch in den Bann tun" including sound and image recording will be postponed until Corona is over. It will come; but meanwhile we know that not everything is in our hands.

Live streaming archive

Have you missed a live stream or would you like to watch and listen to a performance again?

19.05.2020 // BWV 183

or: How to resolve enharmonic confusion?

17.04.2020 // BWV 4

Rudolf Lutz demonstrated on the organ that the movements of the cantata BWV 4 “Christ lag in Todesbanden” could also be interpreted as chorale preludes.

20.03.2020 // BWV 106

Rudolf Lutz now as a one-man ensemble: Introduction to the cantata BWV 106 at the keyboard, organ concert in the form of an improvisation based on the “Actus Tragicus”