BWV 205: Zerreißet, zersprenget, zertrümmert die Gruft
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28. June 2024
Workshop:  17:30
Concert Start:  19:00

Zerreißet, zersprenget, zertrümmert die Gruft (Demolish, disrupt it, destroy the lair)

Cantata for the name day of Professor August Friedrich Müller (Dramma per musica), for soprano, alto, tenor and bass; vocal ensemble, trumpets I-III, timpani, horn I+II, transverse flute I+II, oboe I+II, viola d’amore, viola da gamba, strings and basso continuo.


Ulrike Hofbauer, soprano (Pallas Athene)
Claude Eichenberger, alto (Pomona)
Bernhard Berchtold, tenor (Zephyrus)
Dominik Wörner, bass (Aeolus)

Choir and Orchestra of the J. S. Bach Foundation
Rudolf Lutz, conductor

Reflection lecture:

Arthur Godel


Rudolf Lutz
Pfr. Niklaus Peter

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