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DVDs «Bach er lebt» 2023

Experience all cantata concerts, introductory workshops and reflective lectures from the cantata year 2023 in one compilation. Available soon!

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Step by step, we are gradually realising our foundation’s mission to perform and record the complete vocal oeuvre of Johann Sebastian Bach. By purchasing one of our CDs, you can indulge in great music and contribute to our project at the same time – thank you for your support!

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Myth, might and material: Beethoven’s Eroica symphony between zeitgeist and artistic autonomy

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Bachipedia - the platform for Bach lovers

On Bachipedia you will find audiovisual recordings of our cantata performances, introductory workshops as well as reflection lectures on the cantata texts in full length. Enjoy discovering it!

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Experience our Bach concerts whenever you like with our high-quality DVD recordings – great images, outstanding sound.

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  • Bach-Kantaten N°47 35.00 CHF
  • Bach er lebt XVI 195.00 CHF
  • Voucher for the J. S. Bach Shop 5.00 CHF1,000.00 CHF
  • Bach im Fluss 39.00 CHF
  • Bachipedia

    A platform for cantata lovers

    Bachipedia is more than “just” a streaming platform. On Bachipedia, all the content that the Foundation has collected, written, researched and published about a cantata is made available – free of charge – together with the corresponding cantata recording.

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