Thomas Trams

Thomas Trams (*1971), originally from Middle Hesse, Germany, is a qualified economist. In July 2023, he joined the J. S. Bach St. Gallen AG as the contact person for media, communication and marketing. His responsibilities include digital communication, website development, media and public relations, and promotion of new releases.

Before moving to Switzerland, he worked with chambers of industry and commerce as well as media companies in the areas of digital transformation and international business development. In this period, he focused his expertise on search engine marketing and conversion management. Among other projects, he collaborated with a consulting company and various German and Austrian publishing houses to develop a data-based digital publishing platform.

In the course of his career, Thomas Trams has built a broad network of professionals, specialists and individuals that he can bring to his role at the J. S. Bach St. Gallen AG. In his work, he is committed to fostering ethical design, diversity and sustainability. He is the proud father of a son and enjoys cultural and sport activities in his leisure time.