Nathalie Flepp

Nathalie Flepp (*1985) grew up in Goldach with her parents and older brother.

After completing her compulsory education in Goldach and St. Gallen, she successfully concluded her commercial apprenticeship in the print and publishing industry, then further expanded her administrative skills in various industrial and service enterprises.

Her passion, however, has always been music. Following a first employment period at the J.S. Bach St. Gallen AG in 2016, she returned again in December 2017 to take on a permanent position. Today, she is responsible for administrative matters as well as tasks surrounding marketing and printed materials.

She appreciates the highly varied nature of her work and values good teamwork, a supportive attitude and, especially, a client-oriented approach: “I want our clients to feel that they are a part of the Bach family.”

In her free time, Nathalie Flepp is a passionate member of a traditional Swiss “Guggenmusik” band in Arbon – the “Arbor Felix Hüülern” – that performs during Carnival. There, she not only makes well-organised noise but also helps with make-up and designs the band’s costumes; in addition, she organises performances and takes care of any administrative matters.

Creativity is a major part of Nathalie Flepp’s life, and when she can find time, she very much enjoys crafting unconventional gifts from a wide variety of materials.

Phone: +41 (0)71 242 16 68